Andrew Reyna

Director | Writer | Producer


Director | Writer | Producer

My focus has always been bringing my creativity to life. Through music, film, and still photographer, I'm constantly telling a story and have been fortunate that they've been well received. Wanting to hone those crafts, I attended the School for Audio Engineering in New York, accepted a position with Cove City Sound Studios, and worked directly with Richie Cannata, saxophonist for Billy Joel. While I enjoyed working the the amazing talent the studio brought in, I was eager to learn more and moved across the country where I was given the opportunity to attend the New York Film Academy.

Since moving to LA, I've Directed and Produced a collections of various project from Web Series Content to Short Films or Music Video. Born Again was of particular importance because I felt is symbolized a rebirth in my creativity. As a young man I often struggled with my own inner voices working against me, holding me back from my potential and that's exactly the kind of character I wanted to show in Tyler. Some of my other films include "Till The World Ends," " The Cast Iron Gamer," & "Nick and The Heart Of Stone. 

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